dazu.typing package


dazu.typing.message module

class dazu.typing.message.Message(text: str, context=None, data={}, time=None)

Bases: object

classmethod build(text=None, intents=None, entities=None, context=None, payload=None) → dazu.typing.message.Message
get(prop, default=None) → Any
set(prop, info) → None

dazu.typing.model module

class dazu.typing.model.Metadata(data)

Bases: object

class dazu.typing.model.Model(data)

Bases: object

dazu.typing.module module

class dazu.typing.module.Module

Bases: object

Metaclass with name class property

classmethod name()

The name property is a function of the class - its __name__.

dazu.typing.training_data module

class dazu.typing.training_data.TrainingData(data)

Bases: object

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